Saturday, October 15, 2011

Travels and Tastes - Santa Cruz, CA

At times this blog weighs on me like a ton of bricks.  The concept of taking pictures at every turn and finding something to write about feels daunting.  A little over a year in I feel as though some of the inspirations has gone.  I still cook, a lot, I recently went apple picking and made beautiful apple butter, I made an apple feast for the family, inventive, beautiful and delicious, but the time run away from me…and there is another dish that did not make the post.  A quickie little trip to the land of wine and food is all I needed to  find my inspirations and remind me of things I love most, food, wine, and travel.
All the people I know, who live in California are obsessively eager to advertise its worth.  They seem to have bought into the Eagles lyrics of “you can check out but can never leave”.  They all see too defensive and zealous upon hearing of beauty of any other place on earth.  I guess I get it; California is beautiful and expansive, with lots to offer for every wish and want.  It also caries quite a price tag if you wish to enjoy it fully, I guess this is where the defensiveness comes from.

We only had a very short time down in Santa Cruz, just a quick weekend getaway to see our new nice, but we did manage to take in a few sites and take our minds of long, dreadful, uneventful, gray, full of terrible commute winter that is awaiting for us back East
All in all… we had some perfect little moments, go some rest and wind back in our wings.

Fudge makes everything better

Especially on the side of the cappuccino cup

The romance of sailing, the good part – you can do it year round.

Met some locals

Some are nicer than others

You can get a fresh sea food salad in New Jersey, but it can never have the same pizazz.

Got to stand on top of the world at the Ridge Winery, possibly one of the prettiest and tastiest I have ever seen. 

Ate some grapes from the wine, Cabernet I think… was to distracted by the “beware of rattlesnakes” sign to concentrate on the taste.

Had some really great wine at the Bonney Doon winery, Gosh, I guess they really know how to make wine in California…

ad some amazing food at the Bonney Doon, like these simple, gorgeous lemony olives  

And fried Padrone peppers with smoked goat cheese… I am obsessively searching the internet for both now…

The Chicken and Waffles that made my husband beg for a waffle maker… and the Bonney Doon’s chef to take home…

No California trip is ever complete without a bonfire on the beach

Or a trip to the coast

I toast the beautiful state of California, every foodie’s dream land.  May I come back and enjoy it once more!

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