Monday, April 11, 2011

The Suitcase Blues.

I can’t cook right now.  Actually I cannot do much of anything these days because I am too excited about my upcoming trip.  So as I am forced to dwindle down the contents of my fridge, all I can really concentrate on is obsessively watching the U.K. weather and go over my plans to smuggle European bitter almonds back into U.S.
In three days time I will be in London, which in spite of being super modern still feels Victorian to me.  The natives may as well be wearing bowler hats and empire waist dresses.   I imagine carriages instead of cars and gentlemen carrying walking sticks and everyone wearing hats…  And who says you cannot eat well in Britain?  You just need to know where to look… so Borough market, here I come!
And then there will be Scotland, the land of the castles and clans.  I imagine it to be feel medivil, rough and a little intimidating.  I read enough conflicting opinions about Scottish food, but in my view if there is game, oysters and alcohol you cannot go wrong…
No recipes today, just a promise that in two weeks this blog will be back with Travels and Tastes of England and Scotland. 

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