Monday, March 12, 2012

I have my kitchen and my life back!

Aside for a few very minor details my kitchen is back and I am beyond exited.  It turned out exactly how I wanted, with touches of the old world and my own personal quirks. Of course I am still missing one cabinet glass, one shelf and all the trim, but who is keeping score.  I just keep the kitchen guys on speed dial until it is all delivered and installed.    I even got to cook today, for the kids first of course.... they missed a normal meal.  It is funny, but it took longer to cook such familiar food because I couldn’t find anything.  In my quest to improve the layout of everything, I have moved all the dishes, pots, pans and gadgets to new spots.  I may have over improved a bit... it felt like cooking in someone else’s house.   Plus everything is so shiny and new, I hate to dirty it up.   My favorite parts of the new kitchen are the granite (it so pretty, almost like a painting, I keep staring at it), my butcher block ( this thing is awesome, and I have not gotten to baking yet), my new magnetic knife bar ( I don’t have to rattle around in the draw for the dulled knives anymore), my new sink ( it is so big and deep it seems more like a bath tub than a sink), all my wood, the pantry door, the chalkboard with the daily specials ( my kids love that one), all the parts I made myself.  The new huge peninsula, doubling up as my kitchen table is a hit ( I was very worried that it would look funny and out of place), my new old-fashioned lights, the bricked up wall ( I am working on making another one by practicing my concrete skills in the garage for now).  And these are just my most favorite parts… everything else is just plain great.  I can’t wait for everyone to see it…. I can’t wait to do what I always did in my kitchen… relax and be happy.

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Vlad and Julie said...

Looks amazing!!!!! Can't wait to see it and of course dine there!!!