Monday, March 5, 2012

I see light at the end

I don’t know how much relevance a kitchen remodel story has to the food theme of this blog.  I figure, I promised to write about the adventures in the world of food and wine, and this experience is definitely an adventure.  It is the thorny road I must travel before I can cook again.  So far there were some really exciting moments, like when I finished making all of my wood trim and my masterpiece of a door.  There were some low moments, like when I had to re-do all the wood paining over again and when I found out that my house is literally falling down resulting in not a single straight or leveled surface to be found.
I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel, though.  All the new cabinetry is in (no trim yet) and they are coming out to template my granite tomorrow.  I am more nervous now about the final then I was before.  For crying out loud, I picked some really funky granite from looking at only one slab, so in reality I have no idea how that “movement” (I learned a new decorating term) will work. 
I am also tired of the whole family living in one very dusty room.  I am tired of looking at my dusty children and my dusty dogs (poor animals, I think this thing is the hardest on them… the kids are at least looking forward to the eventual food).  Even my nightly Japanese take out is dusty and smells of paint (no, that would be my hands, I think I have a permanent paint stains on them).
I keep repeating like a mantra: “I will love it when it is done, only one more week to go, I brought this onto myself!!!”
In the mean time I try to entertain myself with small decorating, do it yourself, projects ( at least until I have to stain more wood ), twisting my husband’s arm into building me some new pantry shelves and trying not to think about how I am going to clean all of this mess up.

Every artist has to have his own Mona Lisa, this door is mine ( it really looks like a 100 year old door, the picture does not do it justice)

The first thing done, where my archways, this was a very optimistic moment

Another fine moment, My wood is up.  This project has become all about the wood.  I think I am slightly obsessed.

My little projects.  I made a chalk board to hang on the kitchen wall to write the dinner specials.  Now, when my son asks "what's for Sunday dinner?" I can say the menu is on the board.

What do you get when you take a perfectionist ( my father) and a man who's idea of perfection is sitting on the couch and not doing anything at all ( my husband)?  The answer is, you get slightly imperfect pantry shelves.  Although I must admit they are better than what I had before, but only thanks to my organizational skills.  If it wasn't for my direction they would still be hashing out whether to build them perfectly or none at all.

Wish me luck and no major surprizes in the granite world.

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Vlad and Julie said...

Looks amazing!!!! Can't wait to see it and of course dine there!